HCC and Membership:

We always encourage people to get involved at Hope without feeling pressured to join the membership. Yet, we are an Arizona 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which is structured for membership; so we are required to have members (as well as officers.) But there’s more to church membership than the legal requirements. Often in the Bible the faith community are described in terms of members—members of a community, members of a local gathering, even in a figurative sense as members of a family, body, or priesthood. Our identity is described corporately first and individually second in Scripture. Membership has a place both legally and biblically; therefore it has practical ramifications:

1—It helps us as individuals. It deepens our accountability and commitment to serve the “church that meets at…” (1 Cor. 12).

2—It helps us as a church. It brings stability and security as we partner together to carry out the mission of the church (Phil. 1:5).

3—It helps our community. It provides a diverse, corporate and public witness of the gospel’s power to change lives. It brings unity, fosters public health, and testifies that there is hope for the future (2 Peter 1:3-8).

Contact Info


3700 N. Fanning Dr. Flagstaff, Arizona 86004  (928) 526-0677


Elders:                                Dave Reynolds: and  Linda Kuczynski

Bulletin:                             Antoinette Sablan (Send announcements to by Wednesday.)

Stephen Ministry:            Ruth Matsuo

Small Groups:                   Pastor Dave, Peter & Linda Kuczynski

Kids Hope Director:        Cathy Gould

Nursery Attendant:         Debbie Scott

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Youth Ministries

Sundays:                Sunday school provided as families attend (9:45-10:30)

.                               Youth (6th grade and up) participate in the service.

Weekday TBD:     Offer two youth gatherings per month—one focused on training and the other focused on service.

Retreats:               Based upon interest and volunteers, it is our goal to go on at least one retreat per year.

Women’s Ministries

Women’s Ministries:

Ladies Night Out         On the second Monday of each month ladies gather at a local restaurant for a time of food, fellowship and testimony (5:30-7:00 pm, See calendar for current location.)

Discipleship                 One-on-one and small group discipleship sessions are offered based upon interest and scheduling.

Retreats                        Retreats are offered based upon interest and scheduling.

Men’s Ministries

Men’s Ministries:

Monthly Breakfast      The first Saturday of each month our men gather for breakfast, training, and prayer (7:00-8:00).

Discipleship                 One-on-one and small group discipleship sessions are offered based upon interest and scheduling.

Retreats                        Retreats are offered based upon interest and scheduling.

Children’s Ministries

Children’s Ministries:

Sundays:                    Sunday school provided as families attend (9:45-10:30)

.                                   Children’s Church (for children up through 5th grade)

Events:                      We seek to offer ongoing events for children based upon interest and available workers.

Monday-Friday:      Kids Hope mentoring at Thomas Elementary school (Trained mentors are assigned to an at-risk child for one hour each week.)  See for more information regarding this program.

Congregation Ministries

Congregation Ministries:

Weekly Services:     Sunday worship at 11:00 am and Wednesday prayer at 5:30 pm.

Special Services:     Thematic services based upon holidays and the church calendar are offered throughout the year

Dinners:                   Fellowship dinners and holiday banquets are offered throughout the year.

Trainings:                Adult Sunday school, small groups and various thematic studies are offered throughout the year.

Counseling:             Pastoral counseling available as needed

.                                 HCC hosts the NAMI mental health support group on Thursdays 5:30 to 7:00 pm

Outreach:                Throughout the year, opportunities to serve people in our church and community are promoted and sometimes facilitated by the church.

NOTE: Our primary emphasis is on developing relationships with those yet to follow Christ that we see throughout the week (neighbors, coworkers, clubs etc.). We seek to encourage our congregation to set aside time for community events while incorporating their times of “Worship + 2” (daily worship plus one ministry where they are built up in the faith and one ministry where they serve others).


HCC’s Ministry Accountability:

  • Congregation (votes on council members and annual budget—meets as needed)
  • Council (pastor, elders, deacons and clerk—meets once a month)
  • Classis (CRC churches in Arizona and El Paso—meets twice a year)
  • Synod (delegates from 1000+ churches—meets once a year)

Since Hope is a part of the Christian Reformed Church, it is Presbyterian in its governing structure. The Church Order (much like an organization’s bylaws) governs our Christian Reformed churches. It delineates each assembly’s responsibilities and relationship to one another.

Christ is always given first place as the “Head” of the local body of believers. The local congregation is the seat of power; it votes for its local leadership that governs the local church and sends delegates to form the regional and national assemblies. Authority increases as it widens from the congregation out to the Synod, YET larger meetings get their authority from the local church leaders. Larger meetings create temporary authority to make decisions for classis (region), or denomination.

On a local level, our particular church is governed by our Council and our bylaws. See for more details.